Barbara Lewis Dallas Dressage Trainer

Barbara Lewis
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Lewis Facility.
Rockwall, Tx &
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Training Students and Horses

Each student has an established training program to attain the students goals and improve the basic training of the horse.

Training programs are set up for the individual student's needs include riding/training along classical dressage principles. Gently reshaping any undesirable behavioral patterns the student has with the horse to better the communication between the student and the horse. Offering different forms of homework to assist the student when they are off property.

If the horse is in training a program of long-lining, building physical and mental strength and desensiting the horse to different forms of training. This helps open the mind of the horse and give the horse a fresh look at their responsibilities. The horse, under the permission of the owner, is taken to shows and work through showing nerves to assist the student with their goals.

On and off site training, will travel to your facility.


Barbara Lewis achieved her USDF "L" Graduate and is availablie to judge schooling shows. Her sevices have been requested inter-state to judge shows in Houston, Austin and Denton. Oaklahoma and Louisinan have hired Barbara to travel to their states judge Schooling Shows. Additionally, for the past 7 years the Dallas Dressage Club has hired Barbara to Manage the rated shows that they have on a yearly basis.


Through out the year Barbara hosts several clinics with nationally recognized clinicians at the facility in Rockwall. Sally O’Connor FEI “S” judge, Lurena Bell-Stanley, and Loma Fowler come in for clinics as often as their schedules allow.